Professor, Practitioner & Possibilitizer

Igniting individuals and organizations to realize the best versions of themselves

My Kaleidoscopic Conviction

The world is a messy, beautiful place. 

Every day brings a new opportunity to see the problems that plague us, or the possibilities that propel us. 

Although sometimes we have to shift our view, I invite you to choose possibility with me! 

What I Do

Professor Stuff


As the Robert P. Stiller Chair of Management & the Academic Director of the Cooperrider Center for Appreciative Inquiry at Champlain College, I am privileged to be a part of my students' learning journeys, as well as contribute to advancing the field of globally responsible management through my research and writing. 

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Practitioner Stuff


As a practitioner of Appreciative Inquiry (AI) who has been mentored by the thought-leaders of the field, I have led AI summits across the world, helped organize multiple World AI Conferences, designed and taught AI certification programs, and helped advance the AI Commons and AI Practitioner Journal.

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Possibilitizing Stuff


As a pragmatic optimist, I pride myself on being a "possibilitizer"... That is, I love seeing and seeding opportunities for creating positive change in the world.  From leading global Appreciative Inquiry summits to accelerating positive education, to seeding a new project with the United Nations, I am working to bring the future to life. 


Some nice things others have said about me...

My Students

"Absolutely fantastic class. Professor Godwin has a way of encouraging a safe environment where we are encouraged to share personal experiences and collaborate together. The material is always really interesting and engaging."

My Colleagues

"She has provided intellectual and moral support to me and to members of my academic department through the years. Perhaps her biggest impact has been her influence on the development of new faculty members and leaders; we have had the good fortune to collaborate with her on several projects and we truly appreciate her insight, her collegiality, and her gentle sense of humor."

My Partners in Practice

  • "Ridiculously excellent keynote!!  I would go to anything Lindsey was teaching!"
  • "You are doing much needed work. Hats off to you for your tireless efforts."
  • "Lindsey brings a caring, funny, yet expert facilitation to the AI Summit process." 

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