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What is Appreciative Inquiry?

Simply put, it is the search for what is best and what is possible within people and the world around us.  Intentionally asking what we want to accelerate and grow, with the realization that 

what we appreciate, appreciates. 

I have been a practitioner of AI for over 16 years, having studied and continuing to collaborate with David Cooperrider, Ron Fry, and many other thought-leaders in the field.  Everyday (including every conversation with colleagues or my own kids) brings new opportunities for me to practice my Appreciative Inquiry craft. 

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3 Ways I Bring AI to Life as a Practitioner

Designing & Facilitating Possibilities

I work collaboratively with organizations of all shapes & sizes around the world to use AI to unleash their collective wisdom & accelerate generative opportunities. 

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Teaching & Coaching

From formal AI Certification programs I have designed, to informal coaching, I love supporting people through their own unique learning journey, discovering how to apply AI in their own life and organizations. 

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Advancing AI Theory & Practice

Building on the growing body of social science evidence for the power of appreciative practices, I work to evolve the theory and practice AI through my own articles, as well as cultivating the AI Commons and the AI Practitioner Journal.

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Scenes from the Field: Glimpses of an AI Summit

On March 20-21, 2015 more than 150 stakeholders from across VT joined forces to become “Climate Change Resilient, Floodwater Smart” as part of the Leahy Center Environmental Summit.  Using an AI process that I helped design and co-facilitate, watershed teams across the state collaborated to identify and lift up best practices for stormwater planning and response, and collectively envision new initiatives for their unique regions.

And... it is always good to hear what happened next!  Hear some of the great outcomes from the 2015 Summit, that helped inspire another summit in 2017 that I helped design and facilitate as well.

A Quick Primer on the AI 4-D Cycle

A Little Longer Overview of AI (An oldie, but goodie!)

Some Places I've Practioner-ed


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Cooperrider Center for AI


I am the Academic Director for the Cooperrider Center, the global hub for helping others learn, apply and amplify Appreciative Inquiry.  

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AI Commons


Hosted by our Cooperrider Center, the AI Commons is a worldwide portal devoted to the sharing of resources and practical tools on Appreciative Inquiry and the rapidly growing discipline of positive change.

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AI Practitioner Journal


The AI Practitioner is brought to the world by a partnership between the Cooperrider Center and Kessels & Smit, with the aim of supporting a flourishing community of AI practitioners who in turn support each other in their workpractices.

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